Software assessment

Réussir en math (1999)

A skill-based approach to mathematics

This is a review of a French computer software program with a skill-based approach to learning basic mathematical concepts including place value, the four basic operations, decimals, fractions, percentages and metric measurement. At the time of the review, the program was only available in French, with an English version expected soon.

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Executive summary of the Use of Educational Software in Adult Literacy Programs: (1996)

A comparison of Integrated Learning Systems and Stand-alone Software

This research report outlines the research and results of a project designed to investigate some of the purported advantages of using Integrated Learning Systems (ILSes) in adult literacy programs in Manitoba. Specifically, it examined three systems currently being used in the province, namely TRO's PLATO, the Columbia Computer Corporation package, and the Pathfinder computer managed instruction system.

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