Status of women

The Future is Now (1983)

Women and the Impact of Microtechnology

This is a report on a conference held in September of 1981 to address questions such as: What is happening to women in the technological revolution? Are they benefiting from progress, or are they victimized by it? Are female workers moving toward new jobs, or are their present qualifications becoming useless? What is the role of women in decision-making processes at various levels, local as well as international?

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About Us: Challenging the Stereotypes (1990)

Women's Education Des Femmes, Autumn, Vol. 8, No. 2

This article discusses the myth that women, and particularly older women, are unimportant in society, and that women must not allow themselves to be defined by insensitive and inappropriate stereotypes.

The article is written in English, with a summary provided in French.

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Final Report: Gender-Based Analysis On-line Dialogue (2001)

This report outlines the research and findings of a project designed to coordinate and moderate a gender-based analysis (GBA) on-line dialogue of women's organizations and individuals in Canada. The dialogue took place February 15 to March 7, 2001. A total of 60 people registered to participate in the dialogue throughout this time period.

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Discovering the Strength of Our Voices (1991)

Women and Literacy Programs

This report discusses a research project undertaken to:
• examine how gender and the power balance of the male/female relationship affect women's access to, and experience of, literacy programs and how it affects the impact of literacy programs on women
• determine how literacy programs and literacy practice might be changed to better respond to the reality of the lives of adult women learners, and

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