Boys' and Girls' Literacy: Closing the Gap (2004)

"The Boys' and Girls' Literacy: Closing the Gap" project is unique in that it aims to develop strategies that would particularly have a positive impact on boys' literacy. This holds substantial merit in that the strategies and methodologies selected to address the literacy performance of boys would not disadvantage girls. These strategies included literature circles, male mentors, and providing boy-friendly reading materials.

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A Language So Dear... (1996)

A Language So Dear... by Jeanette Winsor is a story in the book Wayfering Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture, it is a collection of writings by ABE instructors and students in Newfoundland brought together for a "language awareness project", designed to explore attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about language and the teaching of language.

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Declaration of the Rights of the Woman Student (1983)

Women's Education des femmes, June 1983 - Vol. 1, No. 4

Listed in this article are the Rights of the Woman Student as proclaimed by the Canadian Federation of Students.

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