Transfer of training

Understanding Learning Transfer in Employment Preparation Programs for Adults with Low Skills (2009)

Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 61(1), 1-13

While formal training plays a major role in helping adults upgrade skills, it is also important that learners be able to transfer those improved skills to real-life settings.

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Workforce Profile of the Manufacturing Sector (2004)

Profile Summary

This workforce profile of the manufacturing sector provides an overview of current workforce demographics and lists a number of areas where action might be taken to address the critical human resource issues of retention recruitment and skills development. The profile draws upon two primary data sources, the 2003 Labour Force Survey and the 2001 Census of Canada.

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Best Practices in Action (2004)

Tools for Community-Based Adult Literacy and Basic Education Programs

The NWT Literacy Council has created a comprehensive framework of best practices that encourages literacy providers to reflect on their practice and learn from others. The framework has three tools:
1. A self-assessment tool for programs
2. A resource of practical ideas to help support best practices
3. Examples of best practices in action in NWT programs

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Essential Skills for Transition to Further Training (2005)

Project Report

The "Essential Skills for Successful Transition to Further Training Project" (Essential Skills Project) builds upon a large-scale, ongoing academic upgrading initiative involving Ontario's 24 colleges.

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Transfer of Learning: Planning Workplace Education Programs (1997)

Transfer of learning is pervasive in our everyday life at work, at home and in the community. Transfer takes place whenever our existing knowledge, abilities and skills affect the learning or performance of new tasks. But what are the principles of effective transfer of learning? How can workplace instructors design training programs to facilitate transfer?

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