Urban literacy programs

Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Strategy (2011)

Final Report 2010-2011

This document outlines the establishment of the Aboriginal Parent Roles Interacting with Teacher Support (APRINTS) project in Saskatoon, a family literacy program designed to enhance children’s learning through play, drawing, writing, sharing books, talking and storytelling.

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The Changing Face of Literacy in Ottawa (2002)

A Research Project for the Ottawa-Carleton Coalition for Literacy

This report gives thought to the perception that in the midst of these tumultuous times the face of literacy is changing. Change demands a response, and this research project was formulated in an effort to engage some key players in the formulation of a collective response. Together, literacy students, literacy practitioners and representatives from community partners, addressed the following issues:

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Dream Soup and Life Stew (2006)

A collection of learning materials for women on the street

"Dream Soup and Life Stew" is a literacy resource book created by women involved with the WISH Learning Centre for street women. In this book, the authors share some of the hands-on literacy materials that emerged when they developed a literacy project at a drop-in centre for female sex-trade workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

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