Accredited Online Colleges on the Rise (2012)

In this paper, the author suggests that distance learning is not only here to stay, but will have an unprecedented impact on the educational systems currently in place.

The promise of online learning is that it will one day deliver personalized content to every student, tailored to each individual’s learning style and presented at a pace determined by the individual’s ability and availability.

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Science Fun: Experiments and Activities for Family Literacy Groups (2012)

This how-to kit offers hands-on activities to help families develop positive attitudes towards science.

The authors have provided instructions for 12 activities that use materials found around the house, including salt, eggs, ice cubes and food colouring. Among the activities are making ice cream, mixing colours, and planting seeds.

There are also suggestions for picture books to go along with each activity.

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Literacy Development from Birth to Age Three (2012)

Based on the Nipissing Developmental Screen

Parents and other family members play a key role in a child's early development; they are their children’s first, and most important, teachers. The foundation for literacy development begins when children are very young, long before they go to school.

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