The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC)

Who Does What in Foreign Credential Recognition (2010)

An Overview of Credentialing Programs and Services in Canada

This document provides an overview of Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR), which is the process of verifying education, training and job experience obtained in another country and comparing it to the standards established for Canadian professionals.

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Skills Agenda (2010)

Helping the Economic Recovery

This document brings together a number of articles that deal with the tools, programs and resources developed and delivered by Canada’s sector councils. Sector councils are industry-led partnership organizations that address skills development issues and implement solutions in key sectors of the economy.

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Aboriginal Engagement (2008)

Who Does What in Aboriginal Skills Development: A Reference Document

The goal of this document is to explain the nature of Aboriginal human resources issues in Canada, and to provide practical information for promoting partnerships that lead to meaningful work for Aboriginal people and boost the pool of skilled workers for economic sectors currently experiencing shortfalls.

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