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Research Materials

From this page, access is provided to whole documents such as research reports, directories, articles and reviews.

A catalogue of Research Materials is available in PDF Format, ordered by Title or Author.

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Copian does not own the copyright for documents posted in its digital Library. Copyright remains with the authors and/or publishers of the resources. Furthermore, Copian is not responsible for the reliability and validity of the contents in its online documents.

There are two scenarios for usage: 1. If you plan to incorporate parts of a document into yours, it is suggested that you contact the author and/or publisher to ensure they grant permission for this; 2. Otherwise, you may use the documents as they appear, either online, in classrooms or in other educational settings.

Documents in the Copian Library are for educational use only and are not to be used for commercial purposes. Please note that you must always mention the source and the author's name.

For more information, you can visit this website: Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

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