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Learning About Participatory Approaches in Adult Literacy Education (2000)

Learning About Participatory Approaches in Adult Literacy Education

Six research in practice studies

Authors: Mary Norton, Grace V. Malicky, Andrea Pheasey, Audrey Fofonoff, Deborah Morgan, Linda Keam

This document grew out of a research project sponsored by The Learning Centre Literacy Association in Edmonton, in collaboration with the University of Alberta Faculty of Education. Carried out between 1998 and 2000, the project explored participatory approaches and research in practice.

The resulting document includes six research reports, as well as chapters about participatory approaches; research in practice; and the project itself.

Specific reports focus on group process in a computer training program; practitioner-based research in a First Nations community; factors that can affect the sharing of the facilitator’s role in a women’s writing group; first steps in a participatory practice; challenges to sharing power in an adult literacy program; and reasons for non-participation in literacy programs.





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