Literacy and crime relationships

Literacy and Justice (2002)

The Literacy is for Life Fact Sheet series is a series of two-pager highlights on literacy and related topics.

This Fact Sheet highlights Literacy and Justice. “Without literacy there can be no justice.” (Burt Galaway, John Howard Society, 1997.)

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Womanhood, Deviance and Reform: Women's Rehabilation in Prison (1995)

Women's Education des femmes, Fall 1995 - Vol. 11, No. 4

In this article, the author discusses programs for women in prison, designed to rehabilitate women to acceptable states of womanhood and while the roles of wife, mother and homemaker are reinforced, women's diverse problems and needs are overlooked. There is discussion of the relationship between crime committed by women and their economic need due to unemployment, underemployment, poor job skills and a lack of education.

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Stories from Pinegrove (1992)

Women's Education des femmes, Summer 1992 - Vol. 9, No. 4

What is the effect of violence on education? There are many children in our school systems who are labeled as "hyper", socially retarded, with behavioral problems, etc. We have readiness classes for the children who are unable to function properly in regular classrooms. These children are not "bad kids" as many people believe. They are trying the best that they can to survive. So often they are asking for help through their behaviour.

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