Multicultural Issues

CLBC Handbook (2004)

Immigration & Skill Shortages

This CLBC Handbook includes:
- Trends in Immigration;
- Immigration as a Source of Skills; and
- Labour Market Integration ~ Issues and Challenges for New Immigrants.

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The Transition Penalty: Unemployment Among Recent Immigrants to Canada (2003)

CLBC Commentary

This document gives us CLBC's commentary concerning the unemployment among recent immigrants to Canada.

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Employment Sponsored Training among Recent Immigrants (2002)

The research presented in this paper shows that recent immigrant employees are less likely than the Canadian-born to receive employer sponsored training, even after controlling for several job-related factors known to affect the incidence of training. However, two key factors, language and the match between educational attainment and job skill requirements reduce the negative impact of recent immigrant status on training participation rates.

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CanadaWorks! (1998)

2nd Edition

CanadaWorks! focuses on employability skills and knowledge that will help learners focus on experiences that come after getting a job. This is a classroom resource that can be integrated into curriculum that is already developed for learners based on an assessment of their workplace literacy needs.

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Creating a Bridge (2007)

A Snapshot of ESL Literacy in Ontario

The focus of this study is on the English as a Second Language (ESL) training community in Ontario, and their students who are studying to become literate in ESL, with limited or no literacy skills in their first language.

The aim of the study is to provide a current picture for the purpose of identifying issues, gaps, opportunities that could be addressed through policy and programming.

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Submission by the Canadian Labour and Business Centre to the Innovation Engagement Strategy (2002)

The submission was made by The Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC) for the Innovation Engagement Strategy, includes:

- Introduction
- Six discussion questions:
- Targets
- Major challenges
- Government of Canada priorities
- Innovation vision
- Commitments, actions and time lines
- National issues

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Perspectives on Immigration (2003)

Findings from the Canadian Labour and Business Centre's Survey of Canadian Business, Labour and Public Sector Leaders

While Canada’s immigration system has several objectives, including family reunification and humanitarian commitment, it plays an important role in meeting the nation’s human resource requirements. It is therefore useful to shed light on Canadian management and labour leaders’ perspectives on immigration-related issues, particularly as they will reflect the practical workplace context within which organizations address immigration issues.

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Interim Report for the Integration of Internationally-Trained Workers Project (2003)

This project’s overall goal is "to develop a community-based strategy aimed at facilitating the accreditation and integration of internationally-trained workers into the Ottawa economy." The report looks at workplace barriers facing foreign-trained workers and offers some strategies and solutions to help integrate skilled workers, new to Canada, into the labour market.

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Needs Assessment Study on Literacy for Métis People (1997)

Based on a report called “Literacy for Metis People: A National Strategy”, the Metis National Council (MNC) continues to look at “recommendations for action in the areas of policy, program and strategies to meet the literacy needs of Métis people." The same report also constitutes the underlying principles and guidelines for the Métis National Council's Literacy Strategy.

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Canadian Colleges & Institutes - Meeting the Needs of Aboriginal Learners (2005)

An Overview of Current Programs and Services, Challenges, Opportunities and Lessons Learned

The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) Strategic Focus priorities for 2005-2006 included Aboriginal peoples’ access to post-secondary education, and enhancing student success support mechanisms in colleges and institutes which are grounded in Aboriginal values, culture and tradition.

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